Rank Ascend Network

Rank Ascend Network

For top ranking SEO's & those that aspire to be

Rank Surge

A powerful "1-2" combo of High PR Tier 1 Contextual links w/ a HUGE SURGE of Tier 2 Web 2.0

ONLY contextual High PR links on Private PR3+ NET touch your site. Get a guaranteed RANK SURGE

How It Works

Safety Rank

Our Battle Tested, Tiered Link structure lets you build links both Safely AND Aggressively with our ingenius "SEO Safety Valves".

Preserve your SEO investment Direct & Control Tier 1 link juice.

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OMG It’s Huge … And Powerful!

Rank Ascend – Quality Built With Experience

Not another “johny-come-lately”, low budget network cobbled together in some 3rd world villager’s hut. We’ve been successfully running multiple large High PR blog networks under the radar for sometime now. In fact, you’ve probably used some of our other networks to Rank and Bank.

Rank Ascend is a totally new and separate network than our others. Different domains, different IP’s, different hosts, different themes… and with all the aspects as a discerning SEO you’d expect… High PR [97% PR3] PR4 thru PR6. Servers hosted in 12 countries, Class A / B / C IP diversity, 0% “SEO” Hosts, WHOIS Privacy or Random Names Ownership, Randomized DNS, Randomized posting of links,

NO Porn, Pharma, Adult, Gambling or SEO Service links accepted.

This is a Private Network – not open to the public and the only people to ever post on it is US! We filter clients stringently. Business is good – we have no problem accepting only trustworthy candidates. We’ve got the battle scars from being in the front line trenches, and earned the wisdom and experience to bring you quality, reliability, and above all – SERPS Results. Put it to work for YOU Today! Compare the different service offers below and select which best fits your needs.

Dual Option SEO Methods For Two Styles Of Professionals

Rank Surge – Straight To The Money!

Rank Surge is designed for those SEO’s and Webmasters confident in their skills and their websites ability to handle a surge of link juice – straight to their “money sites”. This link building method has been battle tested and proven on literally thousands of websites in almost every niche imaginable. It straight up works.

Rank Surge is typically a good fit for your sites if they are over 60 days old, have more than 5 pages of quality unique content, and have not been penalized for low quality link spamming by the Geeks at the G-Plexes. Highly skilled and professional SEO’s have been using Rank Surge and our Private Networks of High PR sites for ages to rank for some of the most competitive and lucrative keywords around.

This powerful Two Tiered approach packs a solid SEO Punch. You have the Option to throttle just how much juice to push at your sites – Option 1 or Option 2. Stubborn keyword just won’t move? Send it a Two Tiered Combo of Rank Surge – Option 2!

Anchor Text Diversity? Of course! Keep Pandas and Penguins away – creative anchor text diversity built in. Branded-Generic-Longtails… Got ALL That & MORE!

Multiple URLs? Need or WANT to spread the link juice across multiple pages on your site … we get it. Again … No Problem – CAN DO!

Link Juice That Lingers! Controlling max posts per day, lets your posts take in all that High PR Link Juice for days – not hours like our competitors networks.

Want Guaranteed SEO Results? We’ll put some “skin in the game”. Read our limited SERPS Guarantee & order a Rank Surge Option 2 – Get Guaranteed Results.

Safety Rank – SEO Safety Valves Preserve Your SEO Investment and Your Long Term Rankings

If you’re the type of SEO that prefers to take a bit more “conservative” approach, and MUST have a Plan B for your sites should any of your SEO impact them negatively – then Safety Rank is likely just what you’re looking for! Our ingenious SEO Safety Valves can help accomplish 3 Mission Critical SEO Objectives for you.

1. Aggressive Link Building With Cover – By driving massive link juice through expendable and redirectable Tier 1 SEO Safety Valves, you can safely take an aggressive approach to building tier 2 links. If needed you can pop your SEO Safety Valves by logging into the Tier 1 Web 2.0 accounts and redirect the links – immediately. It’s like having your own personal “Link DISAVOW Tool” !

2. A “Plan B” | Future Proof SEO | Perfect for Offline Consultants ! – Imagine the keywords and niche you were going after is no longer viable or the types of anchor text used fall out of favor, or the on-page content of your Tier 1 links needs to be “updated” With most other link building methods … you’re stuck with what was done ages ago. Not so with Safety Rank! You get a detailed report – well organized for your records. You or your team can now go back and update your SEO on Tier 1 – which points at your money sites – to the latest and greatest. What about that unsavory client that decides to stop paying you after all your hard work? Login and take it all back!.

3. Preserve and Secure SEO Investments – Sometimes, no matter how careful you are, the G-Men are going to send one of your sites to the scrap heap. Negative SEO from a competitor or other off-site naughtiness – or even On-Site mistakes can do it. With Safety Rank, your link building investments can be salvaged – once again by using our SEO Safety Valves to redirect all that valuable link juice you’ve been building – to your NEW Money Site. This can save $1,000′s long term.

It’s Time To Start Getting Page 1 Results …

It’s becoming increasingly clear – The MONEY is at the Top 3 Spots in Google. What’s also becoming increasingly clear is – they aren’t going to let you sit at the top of their search engine without spending some money. Depending on your niches and keywords, that could be a significant investment. The days of competing with Big Brands for their money keywords with shoddy link spam and a few spun articles are long since over. You need to quit banging your head against your desk, put away those pipe dreams of Page One riches for a $7 WSO third world SEO link blast across crappy ZERO PageRank Wiki sites. Nothing meaningful in SEO happens much anymore without High PageRank Contextual Links. They’re still the Gold Standard. That’s what you need to achieve the rankings you’ve been chasing. We’ve got those for you in abundance.

Put the full power of the Rank Ascend Network behind your rankings and online efforts. It’s time you joined the ranks of the Top 3 and experience the levels of success High Ranking SEO’s enjoy daily. Get your site where the traffic and real money is – the Top of Page One … Let us help you achieve your online goals starting today!