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Rank Surge

A powerful "1-2" combo of High PR Tier 1 Contextual links w/ a HUGE SURGE of Tier 2 Web 2.0

ONLY contextual High PR links on Private PR3+ NET touch your site. Get a guaranteed RANK SURGE

How It Works

Safety Rank

Our Battle Tested, Tiered Link structure lets you build links both Safely AND Aggressively with our ingenius "SEO Safety Valves".

Preserve your SEO investment Direct & Control Tier 1 link juice.

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FAQ Info

Q. What type of Anchor Text and URL variations do you allow?

A. This varies greatly and is basically unlimited – we give you many options for Anchors
and URL diversity. Just be mindful – the more you vary – the more you dilute the power.

Q. What kind of LINKS are you actually building here?

A. Contextual Links in Blog POSTS on High PR Homepages that will roll off the homepage
and become PERMANENT on inner pages. [wordpress] Links remain as long as the site is live.

Q. What are you using for CONTENT?

A. We are paragraph spinning/mashing dozens of 300-700 word articles related to your keywords.
They will contain related images and/or videos. They are NOT meant to be read by people
but are possible to read. They’re highly unique and look like any 500-700 word post.

Q. What type of Links REPORTING do you provide?

A. You will get a complete posts url list of all links emailed to you in excel format.
For Safety Rank you also get a well organized worksheet containing complete Tier 1
Account Login Details – see a blanl sample here: safetyrank.links.report.tab2 – sputnikkk13′s library
We reserve the right to terminate Links Reporting in the future. If there is a change
in this procedure – you will be notified before your order has commenced.

Q. Will you build links for ANY niche?

A. No, sorry. NO ADULT, PHARMA, GAMBLING, SEO or other potentially toxic niches will
be posted across the network. We reserve the right to refuse service to sites that may
bring unwanted scrutiny or unwarranted risk to the network and other valued clients.

Q. Is this service SAFE for my website … can I lose rankings?

A. ANY and ALL artificial link building campaigns comes with risk. We take great pains
to mitigate risk to your websites. We also offer two different services for folks
with different levels of risk tolerance. Safety Rank service gives you the ability
to remove all links associated with this service that point to your Money site. You
as a website owner and webmaster / seo must know and understand any and all risks
associated with any link building services you use. You shall hold Rank Ascend
harmless and assume all liability for Search Engine Optimization activities.

Q. What is your Refund Policy?

A. NO REFUNDS, once your project has commenced. We do offer a Limited Rank Guarantee for
Rank Surge Option 2 Service. You need to read the limitations of the Guarantee.
Safety Rank and Rank Surge Option 1 are NOT “guaranteed” to increase your search
engine rankings. A lack of SERPs increase is NOT grounds for a refund. Failure to
perform the work in your order will be handled by a corrective replacement service.